Anish Simhal

I’m currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Child Mind Institute’s Autism Center, working on analyzing fMRI data.

I completed graduate school at Duke University (PhD, 2019), studying image processing with Dr. Guillermo Sapiro where I researched methods for analyzing brain tissue labeled with fluorescent antibodies and imaged via light microscopy. Specifically, I developed methods for detecting synapses in array tomography data without the need for training data and methods for characterizing the performance of synaptic antibodies. I also explored the role of astrocytes on synaptic density in mouse models of FXS syndrome. Furthermore, I researched the effects of cord blood infusions on neurological development in children with autism spectrum disorder by analyzing their connectome (imaged via diffusion MRI).

My publications can be found on Google Scholar.

I’m also the founder of Bull City Classrooms, a Durham nonprofit that organizes volunteer events at elementary schools on Saturday mornings.

Published software tools


Presentations (along with their LaTeX templates) that I’ve presented at SfN conferences can be found here.